Banat List

The Banat List

is a group of former Rootsweb members that are interested in genealogical research of  the area of Central and Eastern Europe known as the Banat. The genealogy research for villages in the Banat include: Albrechtsflor, Alexanderhausen, Billed, Bogarosch, Bruckenau, Charleville, Chronik Schoendorf, Cenad, Csatad, Darowa, Das Dorf Sakula im Banat, D-Bentschek, D-Elemer, D-Etschka-Sigmundfeld, Detta, Dolatz, Dort, D-Stamora, D-Zerne, Ebendorf, Engelsbrunn, Freidorf, Giseladorf,  Glogau, Glogon, Glogowatz, Gottlob, Grabatz, Gross-Jetscha, Gross-Komlosch, Gross St. Peter, Guttenbrunn, Hatzfeld, Heufeld, Heufeld-Mastort, Homolitz, Jabuka, Apfeldorf, Jahrmarkt, Johannisfeld, Josefdorf, Kathreinfeld,  Klein Betschkerek, Klein-Jetscha, Klein-Omor, Klek, Knes, Kovin, Kubin, Kübeckhausen, Kübekhaza, Kirchenbuecher, Lazarfeld, Lenauheim, Liebling, Lippa, Lovrin Deine Ahnen, Lugosch, Lunga,  Marienfeld, Massdorf, Modosch, Molidorf, Mramoraker,  Nakodorf, Neubeschenowa, Neupetsch, Neu- und Gross St. Peter, Neuburg an der Bega, Neudorf, Nitzkydorf, Offsenitza, Oppowa, Köningsdorf, Ostern, Panjowa, Pantschowa, Pancova, Pardan, Perjamosch, Rekasch, Rudolfsgnad, Sackelhausen, Sanktanna, Sartscha, Schoendorf, Segenthau, Semlak, Setschan, Sellesch, St. Andreas, St. Georgen, St. Hubert, Soltur, Startschowa, Stephansfeld, Triebswetter, Tschanad, Ulmbach, Wiener Trauungen, Wiseschdia and Zichydorf... And more!

Our Banat Rootsweb Archives  contain information from 1980 through early 2020.

The Primary Banat Group Mailing List assists researchers in finding their ancestral roots, using research tools such as Village Family Books, Ship List, Deutsch-Ungarrish Kalendar and Totenbuch Databases well as Church and Civil Records. In addition, our Members share their personal research on surnames in their trees, and thus linkages are formed and holes in your family tree can be filled or extended. 

We also have a Danube Swabian Recipes sub-group for those who want to share recipes and cooking techniques.

In addition, Members can create Chat Groups to facilitate discussions on specific family or personal subjects. But, be aware that you must announce the chat Group so that others can join!

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