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Good to hear from you.

And receive your comments on place of origin.

Yes, the Adelhardts made an error in their Pantschowa family book.  It was an easy mistake to make since the profile of the word Schwaben and Schweden are identical.  Moreover, who would expect a Swede to show up among a crowd of Banaters!

I have struggled between an L and B for this locality on and off for a decade.  Your comments now gives me something firm to go on.  This is a most remarkable family with an impressive rate of advancement through the ranks.  


Wishing you the best of health,


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Hi Dave,


if it is sure that the family Kronhelm originated from Sweden, the place of

birth Landsberg Schwaben which is mentioned in the Pantschowa Family Book by

Adelhard is obviously incorrect.


Would it be possible that the "L" in the towns name is maybe a "B"? On

Google you'll find no entry for Lankeberg/e/n but two entries for Bankeberg

in Sweden.


One is entry is a nature sanctuary near Vikingstad west of Linkoeping, the

other is a farm situated northwest of Vetlanda on the east shore of a lake

called Floegen.


In the Bogarosch Family Book (page 8, entry B0016) Wilhelm Kronhelm de

Nordheim (Cas. Reg. Capitaneo in pensione) is mentioned as a marriage

witness at the wedding of Ferdinand Bayer in 1835.






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In the 1807 Musterlists of the Deutsch Banater Grenz regiment is an entry

for Oberlieutenant Wilhelm Kronhelm, age 40, born in Lankebergen Sweden who

entered into k k military service as a prisoner of War in 1778.

Keeping mind that  Norway and the German North Sea Lateral were part of

Sweden at this time-------Where is Linkebergen?


This family was granted a patent of nobility in 1823 under the name Kronhelm

von Nordheim.


In the death records of the Temeswar garrison hospital is a death entry for


Nobilis Domicella Antonia Emilia Kronhelm v Nordheim, age 20, + 8 Jan 1832,

hauptmann daughter lived in Gyarkovats  popovilschischan.


Where is Gyarkovats popovilschischan?


Dave Dreyer


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