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Cathy Reece

Peter Fraunhoffer Family985.5 parents: Franz  Peter  Fraunhoffer and  Anna Eckstein
Peter  * 15.12.1785   + 18.06.1876  Ostern

oo 06.09.1791 Nakodorf     Marianna Haag --her parents Nikolaus Haag and NN Katharina
Marianna's * 06.09.1791 Nakodorf    + 03.03.1858 Ostern--they had 12 children

Spelling variation Franhoffer,Frauenhoffer; SL (1819) Fraunhoffer Peter (1) gS (l)=1 session of land,
(eigtl. 3. Per,);No translation for abbreviation eigtl in Ostern abbreviation list.
Mother--Spelling variation Hag with an accent above the "a" going to the right, Hakler,Hoch, Hok

Peter's parents:FAMILY 985 Fraunhoffer  Franz Peter,Bauer, Dorichter--his parents Fraunhoffer Josef and Rebl Anna Barbara--Family 983.3
Franz Peter * 30.09.1755 Straubling    + 04.09.1797 Ostern
oo 11.11.1777 Ostern Eckstein Anna *er 1761 Anna married a 2nd time and had 2 more children.
They had 10 children
spelling variation FrabhofferFrauenhoffer--there's an accent over the "u" but can't tell what iit is, Fraunhofer,FronHoffer,Fronnhoffer
The Family 983 is the parents of Fraanz Peter:
* er 1725 Straubing   + 27.08.1789 Ostern
oo er 1750 Straubing Rebl Anna Barbara her parents:Rebl Tobias (Metzger) and NN Maria Anna
Anna Barbara *  18.10.1729 Straubing
they had 8 children  all born in Straubling.

note about father: spelling variation Frauenhoffer,FronHoffer; Q. SSW II (this means there is a Stader entry for him),WK 152/10 am 03.05.1772 in Wien Johann Fraundorfer (!?)-(perhaps not sure if it's the same man as the first name is different),3 P Taglohner (umlaut over the "o") aus dem Straubischen
Anna Rebl spelling variation Rabl,Rabl(umlaut ofer the "s"),Rebel

Interesting --the next family is family 984-Johann Thomas Frauenhoffer--he is the son of Josef and Anna above and would have been age19 in1772--it's possible the WK entry is for the son Johann Thomas.

There are many Fraunhoffer family in Ostern starting at family #983 Josef and Anna and continuing consecutively to Family 1272. That equals 289 Fraunhoffer famillies.
Perhaps if you emailed Nikolas Horn the author of Familienbuch Ostern--he could help you.

I have Wilhelm and Kallbrunner--can look up the WK entry above.but have to close email to do so.
I'll get back to you on that.
Cell phone is not working--have to get a new one and can't send "screen shot"
Perhaps someone else can help you with that.

There are about 30 children total listed for these 3 families. Do you need any specific ones?
This would take quite a while to retype each child individually.


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