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Shannon Frauenhoffer


In the Horn Ostern Familienbuch, there is a Jakob Schneider married to a Margarethe Thekla Fraunhoffer, born (12.10.1804) to Johann Evangelist Fraunhoffer and Anna Kath Kirchner.

I did not find her or Jakob in the Horn Groskomlosch or St Hubert-Charleville-Seultour books.


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Oui, Shannon

Margaretha was married to Jakob SCHNEIDER (6/2/1821 Heufeld)


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Do you have a spouse for Margaretha? That might help. My husband is a Frauenhoffer and I’ve found they liked using the same names repeatedly and did a bit of intermarrying so sometimes keeping the lines straight is difficult.


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Bonjour Cathy,

My information is Margaretha FRAUNHOFFER born on 12/10/1804 in Ostern from Johann Baptist & Katharina GERGEN.
Obviously there is 2 different Katharina GERGEN!
May be Grabatz is the right place for me to look at.


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Bonjour Daniel,
I found Katherina Gergen in the "Register der Ehefrauen" in Ostern FB
Katharina Gergen *09.06.1812 Grabatz. parents Johann Gergen and Anna Maria Taugner
1oo Blum Friedrich Grabatz
2ooHarter Nikolaus His 3rd marriage Married in Ostern

No marriage to a Fraunhoffer

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Bonjour Cathy,

I am looking for the parents of:
- Mathias FRAUNHOFFER (oo Anna HALM)
- Johann Baptist (oo Katharina GERGEN)
- Josef (oo Susanna GRIFFATONG)
- Nikolaus (oo Katharina SCHNEIDER)
- Paul (oo Margaretha FAUST)
I imagine most of them are in Ostern.

Merci d'avance

Daniel Hilaire
Lorrains du Banat

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Children of Peter Fraunhoffer and Haag Mariana:
1Marinna     *13.10.1809    oo 27.05.1827 Gottlob,Kloster Franz    >2460
2Katharina   *11.12.1811 Ostern  oo 06.02.1831 Ostern, Dornstauder Jakob  >710
3Marianna    *25.12.1813 Ostern    oo 06.02.1831, Harter Michael     >1561
4Sophie        *30.06.1816 Ostern    oo 17.04.1837 Ostern, Sauerland Heinrich   >3889
5Peter           *08.12.1818 Ostern    oo 26.11.1844 Ostern, Schreiner Anna Maria >1009
6Daniel          *16.06.1821 Ostern    + 24.06.1825 Ostern
7Nikolaus       *26.08.1823 Ostern    + 05.09.1823 Ostern
8Nikolaus       *06.09.1824 Ostern     oo11.11.1845 Ostern ,Schneider Katharina  >1019
9Daniel           * 17.01.1827 Ostern   1 oo 08.02.1848 Ostern.Kuhl (umlaut the u)Katharina  >1024
                                                           2oo Merzig Barbara           >1024
10 Johann       *03.03.1831 Ostern    oo20.04.1852 Grabatz, Rosenzweig Maria Elis. >1031
11 Mathias      *24.01.1834 Ostern    oo Kampf Theresia     .1037
12 Josef          *01.04.1838 Ostern    oo 04.03.1867 Wojtek, Steigerwald Elisabeth   >1041


On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 10:29 PM Andrew Lengenfelder via <> wrote:
Can someone lookup Peter Fraunhoffer * 1785 + 1876 Ostern, son of Franz Peter Fraunhoffer 1785 - 1797 in the Ostern family book. He is my 3rd Great Grandfather.
Thanks, AndyL

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