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Cathy Reece

Bonjour Daniel,
I found a Johann Baptista Fraunhoffer in Ostern FB Spitzname "Schustr-Hans"
*10.06.1885  There is a # 66 to far right of this list which I can't ascertain what that means.

He is on page 1344 on the book under a list enttitled"Baragan-Deportation"
Angesiedelt in Schei (=Stancut Noua)Family 1161
hausgemeinschaften im Baragan,auch die 15 Geburten im
Baragan sind dabei
*Familienoberhaupt ist fett hervorgehoben
The next name on this list is Anna Klaski Spitzname Wolf-Anna *05.01.1894
same family number as Johann Baptista
Family 1161 is indeed Fraunhoffer Johann Baptiste parents Ludwig Fraunhoffer and Anna Basch
Johann Baptista 12thchild of his parents 1ooAnna Halm Ostern
2ooAnna Klaski--- she was born in Nero +1973. Ostern--book does give her
parents names No date on her marriage to Johann Baptista

Does this help?
Maybe another wife is not listed in Ostern book.

On Sun, Aug 2, 2020 at 11:38 PM Daniel Hilaire <danielhilaire@...> wrote:
Oui, Shannon

Margaretha was married to Jakob SCHNEIDER (6/2/1821 Heufeld)


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Do you have a spouse for Margaretha? That might help. My husband is a Frauenhoffer and I’ve found they liked using the same names repeatedly and did a bit of intermarrying so sometimes keeping the lines straight is difficult.


On Aug 2, 2020, at 10:25 PM, Daniel Hilaire <danielhilaire@...> wrote:

Bonjour Cathy,

My information is Margaretha FRAUNHOFFER born on 12/10/1804 in Ostern from Johann Baptist & Katharina GERGEN.
Obviously there is 2 different Katharina GERGEN!
May be Grabatz is the right place for me to look at.


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Bonjour Daniel,
I found Katherina Gergen in the "Register der Ehefrauen" in Ostern FB
Katharina Gergen *09.06.1812 Grabatz. parents Johann Gergen and Anna Maria Taugner
1oo Blum Friedrich Grabatz
2ooHarter Nikolaus His 3rd marriage Married in Ostern

No marriage to a Fraunhoffer

On Sun, Aug 2, 2020 at 3:54 PM Daniel Hilaire <danielhilaire@...> wrote:
Bonjour Cathy,

I am looking for the parents of:
- Mathias FRAUNHOFFER (oo Anna HALM)
- Johann Baptist (oo Katharina GERGEN)
- Josef (oo Susanna GRIFFATONG)
- Nikolaus (oo Katharina SCHNEIDER)
- Paul (oo Margaretha FAUST)
I imagine most of them are in Ostern.

Merci d'avance

Daniel Hilaire
Lorrains du Banat

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Children of Peter Fraunhoffer and Haag Mariana:
1Marinna     *13.10.1809    oo 27.05.1827 Gottlob,Kloster Franz    >2460
2Katharina   *11.12.1811 Ostern  oo 06.02.1831 Ostern, Dornstauder Jakob  >710
3Marianna    *25.12.1813 Ostern    oo 06.02.1831, Harter Michael     >1561
4Sophie        *30.06.1816 Ostern    oo 17.04.1837 Ostern, Sauerland Heinrich   >3889
5Peter           *08.12.1818 Ostern    oo 26.11.1844 Ostern, Schreiner Anna Maria >1009
6Daniel          *16.06.1821 Ostern    + 24.06.1825 Ostern
7Nikolaus       *26.08.1823 Ostern    + 05.09.1823 Ostern
8Nikolaus       *06.09.1824 Ostern     oo11.11.1845 Ostern ,Schneider Katharina  >1019
9Daniel           * 17.01.1827 Ostern   1 oo 08.02.1848 Ostern.Kuhl (umlaut the u)Katharina  >1024
                                                           2oo Merzig Barbara           >1024
10 Johann       *03.03.1831 Ostern    oo20.04.1852 Grabatz, Rosenzweig Maria Elis. >1031
11 Mathias      *24.01.1834 Ostern    oo Kampf Theresia     .1037
12 Josef          *01.04.1838 Ostern    oo 04.03.1867 Wojtek, Steigerwald Elisabeth   >1041


On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 10:29 PM Andrew Lengenfelder via <> wrote:
Can someone lookup Peter Fraunhoffer * 1785 + 1876 Ostern, son of Franz Peter Fraunhoffer 1785 - 1797 in the Ostern family book. He is my 3rd Great Grandfather.
Thanks, AndyL

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