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My bad--I assumed Adam was a given name!  And there I was, thinking "this line doesn't seem to continue...."  

See attached for 5 pages of Adams, which should get you all of the male side in St. Hubert in the early years.  These are the first 5 pages in the book; take note of the entry above that for Franz Adam.  A Johann Adam who also marries a Perrein, and she is Catharina, vs. Franz Adam's wife who is Catharina Anna--brothers marrying sisters?  

There is nothing immediately obvious for Franz Adam's wife except her listing there as Catharina Anna Perrein.  However, this early St. Hubert book is a mess of variant spellings, and not even always in any kind of logical order, so it bears more research.  From a quick look, it might be that her family came from Bogarosch or Nakodorf, but also there are indications there of "Lorang Kath" and "Loth.".  I'll let you know if I find anything else.

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Thanks so much, Bill.  Was there anything for Franz Adam (Adam is the surname)?

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