Re: Sankt Hubert Look Up

Mark Zajac

Hi Bill and Robert,

Thanks so much!  I didn't know about Catharina Perrein & Johanna Adam.  I am independently going through the original Sankt Hubert records since this FB is a bit messy, so this connection warrants some additional follow up.  I believe these Perrein "sisters" had a brother Jakob Pereng (1766-1809), who is my 6x great grandfather.  There was another sibling Johann Pereng, who is the father of the Franz Perreng that Robert mentioned.  I am also on ftDNA but did not notice either of you as a match.  Based on my research Pereng and Piringer families seem to be separate (not a spelling variation), so perhaps you are connected through the Piringers instead.  Daniel and I discussed the Perengs this summer and we were both at a dead end, but now I'm motivated to research this again with this new info.


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