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Bonjour à vous tous,

You work - very well - when I sleep, so when I wake up you have yet answer your own questions! 😀

But may be you are still interested in the BLAISE (BLESZ) family?
François BLAISE is born in Vergaville on Nov 3, 1722. He married Catherine PEUDRAY and their son, George is born in Vergaville on Aug 31, 1767.
As you know George married Cecilia ADAM in Saint-Hubert.
Francois's pedigree is interesting (you can find it on the Geneanet file "Lorrains du Banat") as his paternal grandmother is Marie BIZE. Marie had a sister, Catherine BIZE who married Jean BARTOUT and they are the ancestors of the BARTOUTs in the Banat (Triebswetter).

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Hi Joe,

That definitely confirms my suspicions about a Bogarosch connection for the Adam family, thanks.  Mark can run with that, and meanwhile I'll look further into the Lorraine connections you listed.  I'm going to bet that Daniel Hilaire might have a comment here, too, unless you've already pre-empted it!

Hoping this finds you well--


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Mark and Bill,

Peter (Johann Peter, Pierre) ADAM and Anne MARCHAL (entry 0005 in the FB) were the parents of Johann and Franz. They are also my 6G grandparents. The ADAM family comes from Aubécourt in Lorraine (some sources show Han sur Nied which was an adjoining village) and the MARCHAL family from Vittoncourt. Peter and Anne migrated in 1770 along with Peter’s brother Dominique and his family. Both families initially stayed in Bogarosch; Peter’s family moved to Saint Hubert, while Dominique’s family stayed in Bogarosch. 

Let me know if you need more information.


Joe Matye

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My bad--I assumed Adam was a given name!  And there I was, thinking "this line doesn't seem to continue...."  

See attached for 5 pages of Adams, which should get you all of the male side in St. Hubert in the early years.  These are the first 5 pages in the book; take note of the entry above that for Franz Adam.  A Johann Adam who also marries a Perrein, and she is Catharina, vs. Franz Adam's wife who is Catharina Anna--brothers marrying sisters?  

There is nothing immediately obvious for Franz Adam's wife except her listing there as Catharina Anna Perrein.  However, this early St. Hubert book is a mess of variant spellings, and not even always in any kind of logical order, so it bears more research.  From a quick look, it might be that her family came from Bogarosch or Nakodorf, but also there are indications there of "Lorang Kath" and "Loth.".  I'll let you know if I find anything else.

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Thanks so much, Bill.  Was there anything for Franz Adam (Adam is the surname)?

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