Re: Deutsch Zerne Chicago Refugees

Arthur Grun

Was there ever a Deutsch Zerne club in Chicago? My uncle and his family settled there after WW2 and I believe he (Christoph) and his son (Also Christoph) were reasonably prominent figures in the Donauschwaben community thereafter.
Arthur Grun

On Thu, 3 Dec 2020 at 23:39, Patty Cordova <pcordova58@...> wrote:
I’m  not sure if there is a Perjamos Stamm Club in the Cincinnati area.  

But, northwest of Cincinnati in Hamilton County (close to the farm where I grew up) there is a Donauschwaben Park with a beer garden and a very nice event facility.   There is also a table top display of the villages in the Banat.

Patty (Huss) Cordova-Denver, Colorado

On Dec 3, 2020, at 2:41 PM, N Bambach <nbambach@...> wrote:

The book Fran mentioned, The Great Chicago Refugee Rescue, documents the efforts of members of the American Aid Society (primarily Nick Pesch and John Meiszner)  in facilitating the admission of displaced persons into the USA.  Included in the book are references to some of the 'village clubs' in the Chicago area (Glogowatz, Kernei, Jahrmarkt, Liebling, etc.).  Other 'village clubs' in Chicago include the Karlsdorfer Verein and Zerneer Verein.  In Cincinnati, there is or was a Perjamos Stamm Club.  Does anybody know whether any of these 'village clubs' still remain ?

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