Suburbs of TEMESVAR

Anna Lorenz

The suburbs with a high percentage of Banaters are Josefstadt, Fabrikstadt, Elisabethstadt and Fratelia.
The churchbooks of Elisabethstadt (Elisabethin) start in 1919,
the ones of Fratelia start in 1932, when the church was built.
My father is born 1917 in Fratelia, but was baptized in Freidorf.
His mother was 1895 baptized in Josefstadt, altough living in Elisabethstadt
and her death was recorded 1919 in Freidorf while living in Fratelia.

So you can imaging how difficult it was to find these records :-)
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Historically Temeswar consisted of a core and six suburbs.
I Temeschburg
II Fabrikstadt
III Elisabethstadt
IV Josefstadt
V Mehala
VI Fratelia
VII Freidorf
Each of these sections had its own parish church which kept records separately from the others.
Temeschburg was the military and government center and Banaters did not live there.
Banaters were not evenly distributed among the other suburbs.
As I recall Banaters tended to be concentrated in Josefstadt, Fabrikstadt and one other suburb which I have forgotten. .
You should check with someone who is more knowledgeable but in any event a search for Banaters in Temeswar should start in a suburb known to contain a a higher percentage.
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