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Dave Dreyer


Yes, having two surviving kids with the same name is unusual.  In twenty plus years researching Banaters I expect that I have seen less than half a dozen.  Since kids were mostly named after a godparent  there may have been two different A M godparents related to the family.
Further research.  There is no substitute for getting plugged in to resources in the Banat.  At the moment-------last I heard-------archives in Romania and Serbia are still closed due to the virus.  Nevertheless, you can start building a relationship with a researcher in the Banat who can identify which archives holds the Lowrin KBs and when archives are open again can go in and film the desired records.  The published Lowrin family book by Schauermann has all the earmarks that it is based on the Trude film which is available from the FHL.
The family trees section of Ancestry is a great resource for Banat research.  I am always amazed at how many Banat families can be found there.  Having said this, one must accept the data with care.  Errors can be sorted out with a little study and the appropriate family books.  And occasionally one discovers a real gem of information.  The family trees suffer from the copying of data from each other and once an error is introduced it gets perpetuated, but usually can be sorted out.. 

Dave Dreyer

On Monday, March 1, 2021, 11:20:53 PM PST, Nancy Poole via <nkpoole@...> wrote:

Thank you, Dave, for the lookup.  So this confirms that Phillip and Anna Marie were from Lovrin, but it doesn't confirm that Caspar was their son.  Very disappointing.  I found that the family tree in Ancestry that originally contained this information isn't completely accurate, which is why I was looking for confirmation.  In that tree, one of Anna Maria Klekner's "siblings" is actually the daughter of a Joannes Klekner and Margaretha Joszt from Zichyfalva, according to a Catholic Church record that Ancestry found.  The names are really close, but obviously not the same.  (Sorry Glenn Schwartz -- still no connection to Lovrin).

That Ancestry family tree also shows two AnnaMarie's (1820 & 1824), and also two Anton's (1817 & 1822).  Isn't it unusual to have two children with the same name, unless the first one had died. In this case, 'my' AnnaMarie would have been the oldest. 

Dave -- I assume you couldn't find Andreas Schneider, father of Caspar's wife Anna, in the Lovrin family book.  I would think Andreas would be in the same age group as Phillip Hilger and AnnaMarie Klekner, but I know nothing about him other that his name.

Are there any other avenues for me to pursue?  I am using Ancestry and Family Search, but have hit this brick wall.

Thank you again for your help.


On Sunday, February 28, 2021, 08:29:13 PM EST, Dave Dreyer <ddreyer@...> wrote:


The Lowriin family book only covers the period 1772-1840.

I find;
Hilger Philipp, son of Jakob Hilger and Margaretha Petre
*7 Oct 1817 Lowrin

Klekner A M, dau of Johann Klekner and Margaretha Puth
*28 Sep 1820 Lowrin

These seem to be the best fit with your data although there is a second A M with same parents, *15 Nov 1824 Lowrin

Dave Dreyer 

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, 06:32:49 AM PST, Glenn Schwartz <gschwartz@...> wrote:

Hi Nancy,

If your Kleckner ever leads you to the Zichydorf area, drop me a line. Lots of them there, some of whom are in my tree. Not aware of a Lovrin connection at this time.

Glenn Schwartz

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On 2/28/2021 12:52 AM, Nancy Poole via wrote:
I am looking for information on my maternal grandmother's parents, Caspar Hilger and Anna Schneider.  
They had 4 children:  
  Anna      (8 Sep 1885    Hodony)  
  John       (8 Jan 1887    Hodony, Temes)  
  Mary    (12 Apr 1889   Deta or Lovrin)   [my grandmother]  
  Joseph  (20 Aug 1892  Medves or Perkos, Temes)

Caspar Hilger (Hiljer), born 02 Jul 1859 in Lovrin; died 1908, presumably in Hungary.  
   His parents may have been Phillip Hiljer (1817-1899, Lovrin) and Anna Marie Klekner(1820-1862, Lovrin).  This is from an Ancestry family tree that I found.  I would like to have confirmation.
Anna Schneider, born 10 Nov 1862 in Lovrin; died 24 Jul 1924 in Philadelphia, PA USA.
   Her father was Andreas Schneider.  No other information is known.
   Family legend has it that Anna's mother came from a wealthy family, and she ran away from a convent in France (Alsace ?)
   Anna's sister Eva married a Kleckner.  They had a son Karl who was born in Lovrin in 1880.  Maybe there is a relationship between Eva's Kleckner husband and Caspar's mother...or it's just a common name in Lovrin.

Thank you in advance for any information that you can provide, any corrections to the above information, or any suggestions for further research.    

Nancy Poole

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