Help Reading Banater Akten Entry - SCHMID(T)

Erin Kampf

Greeting from Vancouver!

I am hoping someone can help to read this entry from the Banater Akten for my SCHMID(T) family. I have what is transcribed in Stader and W/K (thank you, Philipp Gerhardt), but I would like to confirm there is no additional or different details included in the original. 

I can make out the date - 16 May 1766. And I think I know the town noted, but would like second opinions (I'm not mentioning the town in order to keep your opinions unbiased). Does it say that they are going to settle there? They ended up in Heufeld, but not until 1774, so I am trying to figure out where they might have been in between.

I'm also trying to confirm any interpretation of where Friedrich SCHMID and his travel companions (families unknown to me) came from. W/K included a transcription of the town name, but noted that the location was "undetermined".

Please see attached for the two pages with the sections in question outlined in yellow.

Thank you for any help! Happy to answer any questions, if I can.

Erin Kampf

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