Re: Help Reading Banater Akten Entry - SCHMID(T)

Erin Kampf

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for this. It's very helpful. I was assuming they were headed to the town of Temeschwar, but I can see how this would be the region instead. However, it's not so helpful :) I should clarify - I find the first record of this family in Heufeld in 1774. They could have been there earlier, but it seems odd that they would not have had any children recorded between 1766 and 1774 (their son, my 5th great grandfather was born about 1763), so I figure they must have been somewhere else. Someone has also checked St. Hubert (my 5th GG was married there in 1788) and Hatzfeld FBs. No luck so far, so the search continues. 

Thanks for the suggestions on Weidenbach, etc. I will have to review further. And now looking at my info again, I don't have the Stader entry, only the W/K entry, so that is something else to track down.

Thanks again - I really appreciate it.

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