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Cathy Reece

Yes re: Bern- father is. About Johann b. 1747.
SSWIV- refers to Stefan Stader Sammelwerk volume 4 “Sammelwerk donäuschwäbischen Kolonisten. What follows is information from that source specific to your Johann.
W/K refers to Wilhelm and Kallbrunner’s list day by day of settler names registering in Vienna. That I believe starts with the year 1749. That info is also listed in paragraph.
This info also gives info on where you can find this in the Banater Akten= BanA 35 SKHL rNr 156 fol 133b, Abschrift S78–
You can find this on Family Search.

Bern  mother— 1st entry is Anna— she is from “Nestes See” in the Reich. Following SM=
SterbeMatrikel Hk=Herkunftsort which again says Nestes/Mertes See (a lake or body of water) The PPA— I have no idea. It’s not on the abbreviation list.Anna’s parents have no other entries.
 See attachment for Anna’s family— note her father came in 1770 and died the same year.

Next is Bern : mother spelling variation (SV) of 2nd wife’s maiden name FOVILL. No cross reference for Fovill family.


On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 10:57 PM Erin Kampf <erin.kampf@...> wrote:
Thanks, Cathy! Are you able to help interpret the sources listed at the end of Family 2944? I can manage with most of it, but have a few questions:
  • Are the references to Father and Mother (Vater and Mutter) regarding Johann b 1747, his first wife Anna Maria and his second wife Katharina, respectively?
  • What is SSW IV, 599/32621?
  • What does PPA and SV mean (in the "Mutter" references)?

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