Stefansfeld - look-up

Rudolf Huepfl

Dear Banaters, Unfortunately, the somehow incomplete chuch books of Stefansfeld led me to a family mix-up.
The family book by Hans Anwender 1998 shows in family 77.005,0 Josef Hüpfl & Anna Maria Brack a daugther Philippine, *21.05.1813 Stfd. As by the enry she married - 13.012.0 N. (A copy of this entry I am looking for). Some of our research collegues identify this 13.012.0 N as the Georg Niesz, *10.02.1813 in Stfd.
As by the family book of Grabatz (Ivanov 2008) the above mentiojned Georg (family 4414) had married on 28 JAN 1834 an Elisabeth Hupfel in Grabatz and on 01. FEB 1836 Christina Bauer, also in Grabatz. So when did Georg marry in Stfd to fit into this setting. Are there any additional information or data on mentioned Philippine.
Looking forward to close the gap and its possible contradiction with your assistance. Rudolf Hupfl

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