Death of Philipp Lung

Dave Dreyer

Karen Preston and I have received distressing news from the AVBF that Philipp Lung has died after a stroke.

Philipp Lung was born in Sigmundfeld/Banat.  He was a long term member of the AKdFF.  Philipp was a sparkplug who pressed for the formation of the AVBF.  This came about when the production of Banat family books was rather sluggish by the AKdFF.  With several other Banat members of the AKdFF Philipp saw a way of speeding up Banat family book publishing by the creation of a separate, but associated organization, which focused on the Banat over wider Donauschwaben matters.

It may not be apparent, but those who study Banat family matters, even though not especially close to these organizations  have benefited greatly by Philipp's foresight.  His contribution also involved locating copies of  Banat church books under difficult conditions which sometimes were fragmented and scattered over various archives as well as raising the funds to take completed manuscripts into the printing stage.  

To an Auslander like myself with poor spoken German skills, Philipp was always ready with a friendly greeting making one feel as a valued associate. 

Dave Dreyer

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