Maria Theresia TV Series 2017


Hi everyone,


I posted this on the donauschwaben forum and thought I might post it here also.


I have recently been reading about the period drama series “Maria Theresia” made in 2017 (which is similar to the Netflix series “The Crown and the BBC series “Victoria”).


It was on German TV last year (I’m guessing also Austrian / Hungarian / Slovakia TV also) – the actors apparently spoke their own languages and then their lines were overdubbed for each country.


Apparantely it was also bought by PBS in the states last year – so will also be shown there.


I’ve attached a couple of links to the official trailers for both series – (hope this is ok).


Series 1 is the young Maria Theresia / Series 2 is when she is older.


What I find interesting is that Maria Theresa married Franz Stefan Von Lothringen and Lothringen itself is one of the plot lines in the series.


As Maria Theresa allowed people on both sides of the border to become colonists in the Hungarian Empire, I’m wondering if she had a soft spot for Lothringen as her husband (who was the duke of Lorraine / Lothringen when he married her), later had to give up his hereditary titles there. I know this is a historical drama series, but I also hope to learn something from it.


In Jahrmarkt, where my mother was born, the largest % of colonists came from Lothringen.

Thought you guys in the states, who may not have heard of it, might be interested.



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