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There were several types of Guldens in Europe at the time.

In the Austrian and Hungarian territories, 1 Taler was worth 2 Guldens.


The 56,5 thousand USD = around 1 kg Gold.


Yes it is really a large amount.

(In Hungary, even today, we have to work an average of 6 years for 1 kg Gold 😉 ).


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It is really a large amount

About 1750 the earnings of a year: about 50 - 100 Taler (teacher), 70 Taler (Carpenter).

1 Gulden = 2/3 Taler

1280 Gulden = 853 Taler = the earnings of about 8-16 Years.


see also


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Calculated on a gold background:

1 Gulden (Forint) = 0,765 gr Gold (in 18th century)
1 gr Gold = 57,7878 USD (this morning exchange rate)
1 Gulden = about 44 USD
1280 Gulden = about 56,5 thousand USD

Károly Hajdu
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Hope my questions aren’t too much.  I do my best to look online and do research but often can’t find answers so thats why I ask here.

Family from Germany to Hungary in 1820 says in records that he had 1280 gulden on him.  Any idea if this was Austrian or hungarian currency and how much this might be in today’s dollars so I can know if this a very large amount.

Thanks for any help.


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