BANAT— Heimatbook Gertianosch

Cathy Reece

I’ve searched Book “Gertianosch” by Michael Mettler and discovered that this book is dedicated to Dr.Matthias Hoffman who wrote original Gy HeimatBook by title;

“Hundertfünzig Jahre deutsches Gertianosch”
Translated of title is: 150 year anniversary of Gertianosch

Suspect publishing date is 1935.

Hoping someone has this book and could give me the name of the publishing company and actual year  it was published.

If someone who has this book is wiling to determine for me if names of 18 Families who came to Gertianosch as original settlers—I would greatly appreciate it. 

I am looking specifically for my original settler with surname of “Ballauer” to determine if this family is among the original 18 families who moved from Hatzfeld in 1781 and was one of the first settlers with that group.

The Mettler book is in German— I am now returning to the beginning of his book to try to find clues for where my Ballauer family originated from.

As always many thanks for this list and for the many who have helped me piece together information on my ancestors.


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