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You focused on a point which I found very disappointing in the Gergen book.  There was no hint in the book of the characteristic leisure aspects in the lives of St Louis Banaters.  Although life was not all strudel and blast Kapellas, beer gardens probably with dancing, must also have been a big factor in the life German communities.  It is hard to imagine Banater life without the same social aspects of German life in St Louis as were found the Banat communities of the Heimat.  There was also no discussion of the typical self help organizations which were a feature of German ethnic communities.
I have a feeling that, in spite of the careful research, Moore has little association with ethnic Germans and possibility cannot read German thus missing any literature which was not available in English.

Dave Dreyer

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Thank you for the info   I'll order a copy of this book.  My Mercydorf family came to St. Louis in 1904. The men  had been back and forth working in the electrical and train-car building and finishing trades, before finally making the move with the entire family.  Half the family settling in St. Louis and others received land grants in Alabama as farmers.   They were the community in St. Louis, catholic Churches but German and Hungarian.  St. Louis had it sections of immigrants, The Bevo area being Predominantly German and Hungarian, The Czech Hall, a Spanish Society, and "The Hill", Italian.  Many Banat names were the founders of great companies, Anheuser, Bensinger, Schnuck, Schuh, Bayer. 
As a child I remember going to the Strassen Fest and doing the Polka - everyone was so happy to be there with friends and relatives. 
I try to imaging picking up and moving to another country and not speaking the language.  It was a leap of faith for all of them. Anyone who has ever done this can truly appreciate the sacrifice.   It is enlightening. 
Thanks again Dave for bringing this book to our attention.    Julie Karner (Kraus) 
Julie Karner Menendez
Searching for information on The Kraus, Cserszy, Reich, Gyeppo from Mercydorf 

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