Re: Uivar - Loch/Remillong family help

Florian Straub

Hi Anni,

actually I know from one guy that successfully retrieved a record from
Direcţia de Evidenţă a Persoanelor in Satu Mare county only with English
language. I don't know if that also applies to other counties as well.

Kind regards

Anna Lorenz schrieb am 16.08.2021 um 22:27:

Hello Andy,
I only know that you could ask for the death date at the Municipal
administration of Uivar (they keep the dates from 1895 on),
but I am afraid,that must be in Romanian language, there will be nobody
that is able to understand English.
Viele Grüße
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*Betreff:* Re: [banat] Uivar - Loch/Remillong family help
Dear Anni,
Thank you very much for this information.  I'll definitely look into
this lead.
Also, for finding Josef Loch's and Katherina Remillong's date of death,
are there any suggestions other than looking through the actual Uivar
churchbook?  I'm fairly certain that they were alive in Uivar around
1921 and later died in the town.
Thank you again, Andy

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