Re: Are there any arrival records for emigrants returning to the Banat ? – pre / post WW1

Dave Dreyer


There is a category of records on Ancestry entitled, as I recall, "UK arrivals".  it was not unusual for Banaters to return vis Liverpool or Southampton and then continued via a channel crossing.  Perhaps it was cheaper by this route.
Otherwise I do not know of any European arrival records.
There are Fiume departure records but these are not generally available.  There is a very useful article about these records in a journal published by the Sacramento genealogical Soc.  Could there also be set of Fiume records on arrivals?  
One needs to encourage Ancestry or some Genealogical Society to negotiate with the Kroatian or Fiume archives to allow these passenger ship records to be copied in their entirely.  This likely would take considerable persistence as well as funds. 

Dave Dreyer


On Sunday, October 17, 2021, 05:04:19 PM PDT, Ron <ronthiel10@...> wrote:

Are there any arrival records for emigrants returning to the Banat ? – pre / post WW1


I have used Dave Dreyers ship lists many times and still make discoveries when I use it.

It has helped me to locate the actual ship manifests for arrival of relatives in New York (1906/1907).


There were a number of cases in my family, where they had gone to America, stayed for 2 or three years and then returned to the Banat village they came from. I was wondering if there are any known shipping records for arrival back into the Austro-Hungarian empire ? – ie, arrival at the port of Fiume for example..


Since I don’t know the dates of their return (a guess, circa 1910) – this question may be a bit of a stretch, but as we know the names of the 4 Cunard ships that were travelling that route both to New York and back, I was wondering if there are any records of returning emigrants somewhere.


Any comments / ideas are welcome


Ron 😊


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