Re: Are there any arrival records for emigrants returning to the Banat ? – pre / post WW1

Dave Dreyer

David S.,

Although the Office of the  Kroatian archives may be located in Zagrab I would bet that the actual manifests are still located in Fiume.   The palace like building overlooking the water front from which emigrant shipping was managed still functions as a government  depository when I was there in about 2000.   I would hazard that the arrangements are much the same as in many other countries.  For example the last word on Banat records in Romanian archives was in Buceresti even though the actual records are located in Temeswar.  The U.S. is no exception-----I spent many days in the local branch of the National Archives in San Bruno Calif looking at passenger ship records even though that branch specialized in records of Jap interment and indian treaty records.  Of course things change especially in the last decade with the influence of the EU. 

Dave Dreyer

On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 02:06:23 AM PDT, Rudolf Huepfl via <huepfl@...> wrote:

Ron, I fully agree with what has been already mentioned by Dave and David. What has helped me a lot in such cases were traveling documents released by US offices for such visits to the old homelands.
However, many of our Banaters spent only short time in the States to get some additional money for wedding and/our house construction; other found live in the States not suitable for them. Then we have the organisers who travelled foreward and back, each time to bring other falily members and friends and finally the returners to fight for the Emperor and later for Hitler. Unfortunately, there is little data available on such returners. It would facilitate a number of mixed-up data in many family trees.

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