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Kathy Plourde

It looks like Ung County may have been his last stop before going to Russia with the army and being captured. My father only remembers that his father was captured later in the war and had to walk for long distances in the cold to a prisoner of war camp in Siberia. 

Thanks again for your help.


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Hi Kathy,

in the Imperial and Royal Regiments it was customary for the enlisted personnel to be recruited from one or two given counties (the so called conscription regions), but the officers and the warrant officers were placed or transferred there centrally. In your case, your grandfather was born in Banat, but despite this he was assigned to the 66th Regiment, about 300 kilometers from his birthplace, because he was reserve officer.

As for the number you mentioned, it may have actually been some kind of personal identification number, but it could also have been a wound card number or a relocation number; unfortunately I can't say more about that. If you saw it in a Hungarian language context, the Hungarian word "RANG" means "RANK" in English.

Some historical facts about Ung county:



Kathy Plourde via <> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. nov. 23., K, 22:01):
Would the men of the Royal 66th Infantry all have been recruited from county Ung? My grandfather was born in the Banat and was studying horticulture in Budapest at the time he was drafted. I also found a record showing his name and Rang Nr. 5250. Would that have been a personal identification Number.?


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Thanks so much, Tibor. 


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Hello Kathy,

it's a military promotion list for the king's  (Karl I. Emperor of Austria an King of Hungary) birthday. With this occasion reserve ensign (warrant officer) Mátyás Potje was promoted to reserve lieutenant. In the first world war he was a reserve officer of the Imperial and Royal 66th Infantry Regiment (Kaiserliche und Königliche 66. Infanterie Regiment) from county Ung, in the north-eastern part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now part of Ukraine.



Kathy Plourde via <> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. nov. 23., K, 14:57):
Hi Tibor,

This isn’t a request for a look-up but I have a Hungarian question. My grandfather’s name appears in a newspaper article  (Matarszeli Usag) dated 1917 Augustus 26 that I found on the Hungaricana  website. 

There is some text which followed by a list of names and perhaps regiment numbers. In the Ranglisten des Kaiserlichen und Koenighlichen Heeres 1918, his name, Potje Matyas, appears in a list of Faehnriche der Infanterie - In der Reserve IR. 66. "66-os" appears in the text of the attachment. 

I’m not looking for a translation of the whole thing but could you let me know if this has to do with a list of men who were captured or a military promotion of some kind? I see footbal mentioned in the paragraph above so it could be about a soccer match for all I know!



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