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I sent you the other pages to you private email adress.
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Dear List,
Aditionally to the above sent email:
In Ortssippenbuch Billed (published on internet) Nicolaus Burian is mentioned as borned in Klein-Jetscha in 08.04.1857, Hnr 92. He isn't mentioned in the published Familienbuch Csatad.
Maybe anyone can do a lookup in Klein-Jetscha Familienbuch, and screenshots of some pages (Nicolaus Burian and his brothers, their descendents) would be greatly appreciated. 
I founded some old graves in Klein-Jetscha cemetery, with "Burian" inscriptions, but I haven't sufficient information to discover the relation with my known ancestors.
Thank you,
Felician Burian 
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Dear List,
I'm looking for Nicolaus Burian's family.
Burian Nicolaus, my grand-grandfather, was born in 08.04.1857 in Csatad, he was son of Burian Georg and Gerstenmayer Anna Maria from Klein-Jetscha. He married in 30.03.1880 Mayer Eva (borned in 10.06.1861 in Billed). Their children, Joseph, Elisabetha, Maria, Wilhelmine, were borned partially in Csatad, partially in Billed.
I don't know anything about their death-dates, and their death places. There grave isn't placed in Billed's cemetery.
I am even very interested to find out about brothers or sisters of Burian Nicolaus, and their descendents.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Felician Burian

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