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Karen Larson

Dear Marcia,


Please forgive my ignorance, as I am not new to genealogy research, but new to German family history research. What is the Franzfeld Heimatbuch?


My daughter lives not far from you in Happy Valley. I do love that genealogy research makes the world seem smaller.


Thank you,

Karen Larson


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Dear Dave, we met at the Kaiser, Oregon meetings.  I would be very interested in J Schultz's Franzfeld Family Book when it becomes available.  Is there some way to make it known to J Schultz about my interest in the family book?  Or, will there be an announcement on email? 


I have the Franzfeld Heimatbuch.  It has lots of info, however, it is in German and time consuming to translate certain passages. It does have a lengthy section of names, dates, etc. I have shared that section with several people.  Happy to see you still doing all you can to help people via email.


Happy New Year

"Marcia Fay" (WAGENHALS) Cobb

Newberg, Oregon




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Apparently the Franzfeld records were not filmed by Trude and thus not in Salt Lake.  J Schulz is working on a Franzfeld Family book.

Who are you looking for?.  I have a modest amount of Franzfeld records especially from an older period..


Dave Dreyer

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Hello David,
Sorry for the dumb question, but I've searched and I can't find the Franzfeld records. Could you give me a hint? Thank you!

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