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I have a stack of Glogon CDs among which are some containing the post 1895 KB records.  These were filmed, as I recall by Kathy Laura who made a trip to Glogon and with the aid of local researchers located the records.  They were filmed under rather primitive conditions.  I have never had occasion to look at these records but as I thumb through them looking at the labels, among them I see Glogon deaths 1893-1930 and Glogon marriages 1852-1925.  I do not appear to have one for Glogon births post 1895.  Likely Kathy was unable to locate the post 1895 birth records but they may still turn up with further search.
Likely there were three sets of records-------two sets of KB records----one kept locally and one set by the Bishop.  In addition there could have been a set of post 1895 civil registration records although there is the possibility that a set of KBs substituted for the civil registration.  Often, with the widespread destruction of records in 1944-1945 in German villages of the Serbian Banat one set survived.  In any event, there is no good substitute for working through a local researcher who knows their way around local depositories.

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Hi Janice,

As far as I know.... there is no other information than what you already have.  The Serbian records are frustrating.  No new information is forthcoming at all.  I do know of a reliable researcher if you are interested that lives in the area.

I also with we could have better access.


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I am searching for birth records for the Village of Glogon, more recent than 1895.  Are there any online sources for this information?  

I am specifically researching the family of Sebastian HAIDA, *1858; oo1883; +1926, and Anna HALAS, *1861; +1919.  Their children:
Anton *1888; Franciscus *1891/+1892; Simon *1893 [my great grandfather]; Maria *1895; Jozefa *1899/+1899 and Ferez *1902/+1902. 

Other descendants of this family state that they believe there are possibly 3 other children in this family:  Frank, Josef, and Theresia.  

I have found a Frank HAIDA in the RK marriage records that state he was the son of Miklos HAIDA and Maria SCHERER.  I am wondering if the other children are actually in other families also, but I cannot find them in either the RK marriage or death records that I have.  

Thank you for any assistance --

Janis Arntz

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