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Dave Dreyer


Your message jogged my memory and I now remember the time you came into the FHC.  Your visit had brightened my day since there are so few Banaters here one seldom sees a Banater in the center.  After thirty years as a volunteer at the FHC I gave it up last Nov.  It was time to move on.
At my age I am slowing down to a pronounced degree and slowly giving up Banat research so I'm good on the CDs.
The discussion of these Grenz villages and an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal on virus quarantine measures brings to mind the roll of Banat Military Frontier.  The Empire faced the Turks across the Danube in the Western Banat.   A major roll of the cordon was to control passage across the river into the Banat and with it to control the introduction of epidemics, particularly plague into the Empire from the Balkans.  The actual boarder consisted of watch towers or posts spaced so the spaces between could be covered by patrols.  Crossing points were at Kubin and Pantschowa and in the region of the Romanian Grenz battalion at Weisskirchen, where one could cross legally from the Turkish areas into the Banat.  Those who were permitted to cross the Danube into the Banat had to spend three weeks in quarantine before being issued a travel pass. So we are getting off lightly. One finds in the regimental Standestablen(available on film from the FHC) the assignment of detachments and schedules to man these posts.
Of course, the Frontier acted not only as a sanitary cordon also to control smuggling and Turkish raids, not unlike national boarders in today's world.   

Dave Dreyer  

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Hi Dave --

I appreciate very much your message on the  You have been a wealth of information through the years and have provided me with discs and records many times.  I met you at the San Mateo FHC in 2016 while I accompanied my husband on a business trip to the San Francisco area.  At the time we lived in Kentucky, but have since moved to North Carolina.  I'm not sure what is on the cd you mentioned you'd be willing to send me, but it may be something I already have.  For Glogon, I have the parish records for births: 1765-1895; marriages 1765-1925; and deaths 1765-1949. [I also have the Glogon Ortssippenbuch.]. After we met you sent me cd's with military records and DU-Kalendars.  Thank you for these records - I have been able to use in my research, and I also appreciate the attachment you just posted in reply to my message.  I seem to remember sending you a cd with Glogon information, but I've re-read our correspondence with one another and don't see a reference to that.  Please let me know if the cd you offered to send has other information than what I listed above and I will send my address.  Thank you again!

Janis Arntz

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