Nitzkydorf (Banat) vital records

Tibor Tóth

Dear list members,

I managed to get the Nitzkydorf (Banat) vital records (roman catholic church registers) last week.

Baptism 1868-1884
Baptism 1884-1906
Matrimony 1836-1887
Matrimony 1888-1922
Burial 1836-1875
Burial 1876-1891
Burial 1891-1911

This is a total of 1342 high quality photos and the amount of data is about 5.5 GB. I can proudly say that it is probably the most complete collection of digital vital records from Nitzkydorf.

This Banat settlement may also be of interest to all Banat descendants because the only Banat Nobel laureate to date was born in this village: Herta Müller (1953), who won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature. We are all proud of her!

Not such an interesting detail, but I will tell you: my paternal ancestors were born and lived in Rittberg (Hungarian name: Végvár, Romanian name: Tormac), 6 kilometers (4 miles) from Nitzkydorf. They were Hungarian Protestants (Calvinists), but they had a close relationship with the neighboring German Catholic settlement.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned church registers and if you can contribute with a modest amount to my expenses, please write a private message to my email address ( lemilpromo@... ) and we will discuss the details. I also undertake family history research in this settlement, the details of which I will also provide in a private response.



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