Deutsch-Zerne and Tomsdorf Confirmation lists

Tibor Tóth

Dear list members,

I’m sure many of you have noticed that there are some vital records from Deutsch-Zerne on the Family Search genealogy page. Perhaps not everyone knows that there are some pages in these that contains the participants name list on the Deutsch-Zerne confirmations.

As I have seen that several list members are interested in this settlement, I have downloaded these lists from there, I clarified, enlarged and organized them and now I'll make them available for download to you.

All you need to know about 19th century Banat village confirmations is that since only a bishop could do this, the confirmations took place once every 7-10 years in a village. I hope many of you will be able to find names on the lists that belongs to your ancestors.

The four confirmation list links are as follows:

Deutsch-Zerne Confirmations 1837 (25 files):

Deutsch-Zerne Confirmations 1845 (14 files):

Deutsch-Zerne Confirmations 1855 (35 files):

Deutsch-Zerne and Tomsdorf Confirmations 1864 (31 files):

Please download the folders before 18th May, 23:59:59 (UTC+2). After expiration I can't provide you the free download possibility.

Greetings an good luck,


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