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Eliana Grasseschi

Dear list members,


I'm starting my investigations about my origin, I'm the granddaughter of Franz Merc, who, according to the blue text below, emigrated to Brazil in December 1923 from the port of Hamburg and he was originally from Kovin in Yugoslavia. My grandfather said he was from Banat, someone with that family name. He must have been born in 1889.


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Eliana Grasseschi




Sehr geehrte Frau Grasseschi,


Ihr Schreiben an die Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogischer Verbände (DAGV) wurde an die Genealogische Gesellschaft Hamburg eV zur Bearbeitung weitergeleitet.


Ihre Anfrage kann über die im Hamburger Staatsarchiv verwahrten Passagierlisten von Auswandererschiffen beantwortet werden, deren Daten auch über die Firma Ancestry im Internet angeboten werden.


Franz Merc, 34 Jahre, Landarbeiter aus Kovin, Jugoslawien ist mit seiner Familie (Ehefrau Agathe, 30 Jahre, Kinder Faiczya 10 Jahre, Lorenz 8 Jahre und Agnez 2 Jahre) am 20.12.1923 vom Hamburger Hafen aus nach Santos mit dem Dampfschiff ‚Antonio Delfino‘ ausgewandert (Quelle: Staatsarchiv Hamburg, 373-7 I_VIII A 1 Band 309, darin auf Seite 4124).


Über den Ort Kovin erfahren Sie mehr im Internet, z. B. unter


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De: [] Em nome de Tibor Tóth
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Assunto: [banat] Kleinjetscha RC Church Registries


Dear list members,

I am pleased to inform you that my collection grew with more Roman Catholic church books from Banat.

Now I recommend to you the following registers from Kleinjetscha (in Hungarian: Kisjécsa, today: Iecea Mică, Romania) which are a real rarity because they are not found on either Family Search or on Ancestry or on other genealogical sites.

Kleinjetscha Baptisms 1876-1922: 236 files, 1.1 GB data
Kleinjetscha Matrimonies 1894-1922: 86 files, 360 MB data
Kleinjetscha Burials 1894-1922: 72 files, 310 MB data

This is a total of 394 high quality photos and the amount of data is about 1.7 GB. I send you here attached some sample pictures. And of course I'm at your disposal to interpret and read the entries in Hungarian.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned church registers and if you can contribute with a modest amount to my expenses (via PayPal transfer), please write a private message to my email address ( lemilpromo@... ) and we will discuss the details.

FYI: I will also be able to purchase additional Banat church registers from the same source in the future. Among others, I hope I will obtain the church registers of the following settlements from Banat: Nitzkydorf, Josefsdorf, Marienfeld, Grabatz, Billed, Liebling, Bruckenau, Orczydorf, etc. As soon as this happens, I will send a notification to the list.


Thank you for your attention, have a nice weekend!

Best regards,



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