Stefan Jäger paintings

Tibor Tóth

Dear list members,

Stefan Jäger (1877-1962) was born 145 years ago and died 60 years ago. He was perhaps the greatest and most famous Banat painter who immortalized the daily life of the Banat Germans (in majority: Swabians) in his paintings, from the first settlement of the Banaterschwaben in the 1700s to between the two world wars. When I'm going to Hatzfeld, I always visit the local Jäger Museum (he died in Hatzfeld), where there are many of his paintings, as well as a lot of artifacts and memorabilia of traditional Banat German folk culture. When I went to school in Timisoara in the 1970s, we learned about him in art history lessons.

His paintings shows all the details of the former traditional life of the Germans in Banat, from the holidays to farming, from animal husbandry to family life and leisure activities. And I think it is not difficult to imagine our grandfathers/mothers, great-grandfathers/mothers and other ancestors in place of those persons in the paintings, as they probably lived and dressed that way at that time.

I recommend this German language website ( ) to those list members who would like to know the painter's biography and work in detail, but who only want a taste of it, I have collected and downloaded 45 photos of his paintings, which I will make available to those who write me an email ( lemilpromo@... ). I'll send them the download link, which is active until 7th June, 23:59:59 hours (UTC+2).

The folder has 47 files and the data amount is only 12 MB. I think you will love the paintings.

Let's remember our common cultural heritage!

Best regards,


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