Re: Old Banat postcards

Michael Kaiser

Hello Tibor,

my father was from Glogowatz, so I would love to have a look at those postcards.

Thanks in advance!


Am 24.05.2022 um 11:29 schrieb Tibor Tóth:

Dear list members,

in addition to the vital records from Banat, the other part of my digital collection is some old Banat postcards which I obtained from various sources. I think it is exciting to see how the settlements of our ancestors looked 100-130 years ago.

Now I am offering you a part of my Banat postcard digital collection for download. The pictures are from the following settlements:

Banlok, Billed, Bogarosch
Detta, Deutsch-Bogschan
Gertjanosch, Glogovatz, Grabatz
Gross-Betschkerek, Gross-Scham, Gross-Sanktnikolaus
Karansebesch, Kikinda
Lenauheim, Liebling, Lovrin
Marienfeld, Modosch, Mokrin, Moritzfeld
Pantschowa, Perjamosch
Sackelhausen, Schebel, Setschan, Steierdorf
Triebswetter, Tschakowa
Warjasch, Werschetz

A total of 43 files, 110 MB of data.

If you would like to receive these free images, write a message to my address ( lemilpromo@... ) and I will send you the link.

The free download is open until 28th May, 23:59:59 hours (UTC+2).

Best regards,


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