Re: FB Marienfeld LOOK-UP please: Stupp/Schweitzer

Tibor Tóth

István, Cathy,

please find attached the requested marriage record entry from the Marienfeld's church book.



Cathy Reece <cre29ece@...> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. júl. 10., V, 19:26):

I found Glosz in Nakodorf

Karl Glosz * er 1818 Segedin.
+ 2.10 1872 Nakodorf. 
oo Magdalena Rintje oo 19.02.1846
Marienfeld 19.02.1846

Karl Glosz and Magdalena Rinjre married in Marienfeld

I suggest you :

Post query to Banat list for  their Marienfeld marriage entry

(there are cross references to her family going back many generations in other villages in Banat. These cross references are in the family book of Nakodorf. 

Their son George Glosz * er 1873 Mokrin 
+ 1.10.1872 Nakodorf



On Sat, Jul 9, 2022 at 12:17 AM Borsy Istvan <borsyistvan@...> wrote:
Dear researchers,
Could you please look up any available info in the family book of Marienfeld regarding my ancestors:
Blasius STUPP married Magdalena SCHWEITZER in Marienfeld on 16 July 1794.
They then lived in Nagykikinda. They appear in the Kikinda familybook but I would like to know if there are any additional pieces of information in the Family book of Marienfeld about their parents or where they are from, etc.
Thank you so much in advance.
Best regards,

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Date: 2022. júl. 8., P 22:23
Subject: Re: [banat] Wilhelm&Kallbrunner : how to search in this (these?) Book(s?)
To: Borsy István <borsyistvan@...>

Dear Istvan,
The name Glosz as spelled does does appear in Wilhelm and Kalbrunner.
However, I suspect Glosz is a Magyarized version of original name.
In William and Kalbrunner I found 3 men with surname Glosz( german szet symbol).
 I do not have a German keyboard.

  Conrad came in 1755 from Deutsch Lothringen  W/k 2/89

Casper arrived May27,1773 traveling with 7 people, W/K 158/31
Occupation:Schuomeisteer and Musilus
from Wu(Umlaut over "u") Wurzburgischen

Sebastian 4 people occupation :Glaserer aus Weiler aus dem Badischen 
(footnote Weiler ,Kr. Karlsruhe      W/K180/83       arrived July 12.1783

This name spelling is so close it may be your surname<You would need
 to find Mathias Glosz in a church record, then find out who his parents are 
and hopefully trace him back to one of these 3 people. 
Sometimes a genealogist in the Banat can find them, but they can not always find 
out where they came from. Need more information on Matthias to start with.


Since you have a marriage date of July16,1794 in Marienfeld, you might want to post 
as search request on this list:

Subject: FB Marienfeld LOOK-UP: Stupp/Schweitzer

In body  of email put additional info :
Marriage date in that village and their names .
and any other info you may have.

the Family Books are cross referenced. Therefore if there is an entry for their 
parents it will give family numbers of their parents. If your lucky , their parent's 
names will be with their entries.

William and Kalbrunner Stupp's;

2 of them came on the same day of Sept. 3,1784:

1)Michael STUPPN W?K 242/68 4 people farmer from Drechsler from Ottweiller
aus Saarbrueckischen  footnote :from Ottwweiler  RB TRIER

2)STUPPN Johann 5 people farmer from neumunster aus Saarbrueckischen
footnote:Kloster Newmuenster Kr Ottweiler W/k 235/13

The third came July 29,1784:
Gottfried STUPP 3 people farmer from Glatz aus Preuszisch-Schlesien

Only other STUP,STUPP was A Catherine W/K 62/7  arrived May6,1766
 from Hochwart, Roman Reich 

On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 2:31 PM Borsy István <borsyistvan@...> wrote:
Thank you so much in advance,

Cathy Reece <cre29ece@...> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. júl. 8., P 20:00):
To research in William and Kallbrunner:

There is a name index at the back of the book which is alphabetical.

It helps to know the name of the original settler.

If you have the name of the original settler, hopefully you will find it in the index.
There it gives you surname followed by first name e.g. Smith. George followed by 2 numbers such as 136/44 these numbers mean :
Go to page 136 line 44. 

To find 1 st settler name:

Find them in church books and go back in time until you reach first settler.

If you know the place ORIGINAL settler came from:

In back of W/K in front  of name index is alphabetical place index which gives info on people from that exact place.

The Stupp family may be original settlers. I’ll look for them first.
I can try to find these names for you.
This may take some time. I will get back with you.

If there is a Marienfeld Family Book— make a post to this list for your Stupp family history.

If they were first settlers they should be in W/K

Regards, Cathy
On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 3:50 AM Borsy Istvan <borsyistvan@...> wrote:
Dear fellow researchers,
I have just learnt that this book (these books?) Exists.
How can I search 
By name
By place?

I have three ancestors whose place of origin i have been looking for.
Blasius STUPP  -- died in Nagykikinda/ Kikinda in 1835 :

Matthias GLOSZ

Magdalena SCHWEITZER ------- Magdalena and Blasius STUPP married in Marienfeld (16 July 1794) but then later lived in Nagykikinda/ Kikinda.

How can I search for these three names of my ancestors and/or for Kikinda in this book if at all?
I would like to find out where these three ancestors of mine were coming from.
 Thank you so much in advance.
Best regards,
István from Budapest, Hungary 

burian via <> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. júl. 8., P 7:09):
Hello Cathy,

In Wilhelm&Kallbrunner is specified that he went to Banat, find attached:
page 1 - title of chapter
page 2 - copy of page 221/72



On Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 11:12:32 PM GMT+3, Cathy Reece <cre29ece@...> wrote:

Could someone please check Stader volume I


Auer, Johann Christian 

W/K entry 221//72

From Ebersingen Lothringen, 7 people

Which village did he go to in the Banat?

Need Stader info if has has an entry please.

This may be the ancestor I’ve been looking for for 12 years.


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