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Linda Curths

   I noticed you had said you were working in Resita records.  Could you check for me and see if you can find a Lorenz Jurasits/Juraschitz born around 1808?
Linda Curths

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Nelda, that is 100 years apart but I will take note of this guy since he was born in Lenauheim
Thanks for the starting info so I know Nikolaus has family.
David Samuelsen

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David -

A curious side note. I am working in the Resita Romania records currently and there is a Nicolaus Funk family there and he was born in Lenauheim. Not the one you were asking about as this one was born around 1863. I have attached his marriage record and if it is relevant I will send the rest of the family I have found.

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Anyone has Lenauheim FB
I'm looking for the family
Nicolaus Funck
18 Sep 1747 Saarholzbach, (in Saarland, Germany)
15 Feb 1771 Lenauheim, Banat
Did he have family?
David Samuelsen



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