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Linda Curths

   Thank you for answering me and thanks for the offer to send what you found on the Jurasits family.  I've found little on these lines so anything might help.

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Linda -

The records online don't go back that far. There are records on family search in the images (not indexed) that are from like 1828-1848. I haven't looked through all of those. Here is the link:

There are a fair number of Jurasits/Juraschitz in the mid to late 1800's. I would be happy to copy those images for you if it would help in your search. What I was searching for was fruitless, BUT.... I did find a lot of people from the town my ancestors came from in Serbia that will help fill in a lot of gaps in the records, so it was a win even if it was a loss. :)

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   I noticed you had said you were working in Resita records.  Could you check for me and see if you can find a Lorenz Jurasits/Juraschitz born around 1808?
Linda Curths

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Nelda, that is 100 years apart but I will take note of this guy since he was born in Lenauheim
Thanks for the starting info so I know Nikolaus has family.
David Samuelsen

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David -

A curious side note. I am working in the Resita Romania records currently and there is a Nicolaus Funk family there and he was born in Lenauheim. Not the one you were asking about as this one was born around 1863. I have attached his marriage record and if it is relevant I will send the rest of the family I have found.

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Anyone has Lenauheim FB
I'm looking for the family
Nicolaus Funck
18 Sep 1747 Saarholzbach, (in Saarland, Germany)
15 Feb 1771 Lenauheim, Banat
Did he have family?
David Samuelsen



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