Re: Nicolaus Funck 1747 Lenauheim

Joseph Matye


There is a family book for Lenauheim (Csatad) by Dietmar Giel that covers 1767-2005. The book is out of print; it is available at the Family History Library and a few libraries in Germany, but is not online. Perhaps someone on the list has a copy.

Joe Matye

On Jan 22, 2023, at 4:07 AM, Rudolf Huepfl via <huepfl@...> wrote:

Hello Terrie,

Some of my roots are in Csadat (one grandfather born in house 47), but due to the dispersed places of my family I never went beyond the (old) family book on Lenauheim available in the net and the church books on family search. What kind of later records do you have and where did you get them.

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