Re: Nicolaus Funck 1747 Lenauheim

Florian Sterbinszky

I seem to remember that I read here on the list that one of our listmates offered Lenauheim church books for sale, which he/she had photographed in the archives in Timisoara.

But maybe I'm remembering wrong.


Florian Baranyi-Sterbinszky

Rudolf Huepfl via <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. jan. 23., H, 9:54):

Thank you Joe, I am fully aware of the revised and extended family book by Dietmar Giel. He nicely answered several detailed questions on my relatives from Csadat. However, I was asking for the possibility to get access to the church books themself as Terrie mentioned above.
Rudolf (Huepfl)

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