Re: Secret graves in Serbia after 12 September 1941.


Has anyone had success reclaiming confiscated family homes/land?


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Hi There,
I don't know, if all of you know this site.
In 2010 and 2012, the Serbian state took it upon itself to search for all the secret, hidden (mass) graves and to find out who was buried there and especially where, e.g. camp Rudolfsgnad (Книћанин).
No further research had been done here since 2012 and the site had been offline for a long time. Since a few months it is online again.
But in the two years from 2010 to 2012 they have found some people, including some of my ancestors.

Unfortunately, the site is written mostly in Cyrillic, but the new web browsers usually have a translator built in.

The best place to start is here:

You can see three search windows / input fields above the regional map of Serbia (all districts can be clicked individually). 
The best way is to use the three search windows, starting from the left "Surname", "Place of birth", "Place of residence".
It is important that you know the family name or place of birth in Cyrillic.

The example with my family:
I enter "Саболовић" as the family name in the left search window and click on the search button next to the last input field on the right.
This is what i get back as a search result.

<Screenshot 2023-01-09 222702.png>

You can now look at the details by clicking on the names in the third column or in the last column (detailed information).
As a result you would see something like this.
<Screenshot 2023-01-09 223344.png>

So i found some of my ancestors, whose whereabouts were unknown until now.
I hope that you can clarify possibly also unclarified fates with your ancestors by this web page.
I would recommend you to start searching here soon, because who knows how long this site will be online.

Best regards / Viele Grüße

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