Re: Secret graves in Serbia after 12 September 1941.

Stefan Sabolowitsch

Hi there,
Here's what i can say about it for my family.
My family "Sabolowitsch" had submitted the restitution application relatively early.
My family research helped me a lot here. Our restitution application was the second largest among the Danube Swabians (Hans Subritz).
We started hopeful in 2012 and gave up this project very disappointed in 2019.
The reasons are complex, high costs for a long time, poor advocacy and a Serbian state that never really intended to fully carry out the restitution.
Even Hans Subritz was very disappointed with the behavior of the Serbian state, especially the restitution authority.
Despite the large size (2 full binders) of the restitution application and its monetary value, have to understand that the Serbian state is not really willing to do this fairly and impartially. In the end, we did not have the strength to continue this project and therefore stopped it.
best regards

Tibor Tóth <lemilpromo@...> hat am 28.01.2023 13:07 CET geschrieben:
Hello Louis,
if my information are correct, the Serbian Restitution Agency has received about 80,000 applications for restitution of property (land, real estate), of which about 50,000 have been processed so far. The communist Serbian state confiscated after 1945 about 600,000 hectares of land from the Banater Germans, but only about 35,000 of this was reclaimed until 2020. In their case, in addition to rehabilitation, the condition for restitution was that they had not joined the occupying (German) forces on Serbian territory during the war.
The relevant homepage is the following:

loujwac via <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. jan. 28., Szo, 12:43):
Has anyone had success reclaiming confiscated family homes/land?




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