Serbian restitution of the confiscated properties

Tibor Tóth

Hello Florian,

it was not a bad deal, because nowadays in the Serbian Banat (for example near Kikinda) the price of a hectare of good quality farmland is around 8-9 thousand euros (and getting more and more expensive).

And in the Romanian Banat, a hectare can go up to €12,000 if it has good parameters.

In other words, it is worth it to reclaim the confiscated land if you are patient and you can document what you need to document. And if you don't mind hiring a good local lawyer.

Take care,


Florian Sterbinszky <fbaranyister@...> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. jan. 28., Szo, 14:42):

Yes, one of my cousins got back 20 hectares of land near Kikinda and was paid an additional 25,000 euros for the small workshop that was confiscated from his grandfather and nationalised by the communists in 1948.

The whole process took 8 years and the lawyers' fees cost around 10,000 euros. But it worth it.

Best regards,

Florian Baranyi-Sterbinszky

loujwac via <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. jan. 28., Szo, 12:43):
Has anyone had success reclaiming confiscated family homes/land?


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