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Darrel Hockley

Hello Florian,

I got my year wrong and you are correct. In April of 1903 Sebastian Jung and his family left Offsenitza for Wyandotte, Michigan, USA; sailing on the ship "Neckar" from Bremen, Germany to Baltimore, Maryland. From May to December of 1903, the Jungs lived in Wyandotte wherein Sebastian did carpenter's work to support his family. In December of 1903 the Jungs left the USA and emigrated to Yellow Grass, District of Assiniboia, NWT (now Saskatchewan) where he got work on the railroad as a maintenance worker, "section hand", until he was later able to acquire his homestead at Lang, Saskatchewan. (Actually his farm was in that district which could be either counted as "Yellow Grass" or as "Lang" and in the history books of both communities, the same farm families and their stories show up.)

Darrel Hockley of Regina, SK, Canada

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Dear Darrel,

are you sure about 1901?

The (meanwhile offline) family book for Offsenitza by Helmut Kaiser has a child still born there in 1902:

<1064> JUNG Sebastian Taglöhner, Kleinhäusler < 1049.11
* 12.02.1860 Offsenitza Qu: Offsenitza KB-# V.69
Eltern: Jung Matthias , Kilcher Anna
Haus-# 152.
oo 27.01.1884 Offsenitza Qu: Offsenitza KB-# VII.54    Tz : Peter Schemine, Wilhelm Bikar
GIEL Katharina < 427.1
* ca.1864 Dolatz
Eltern: Diel Michael , Bikar Maria Anna

1. Barbara * 20.06.1886 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza KB-# X.56
*-Haus-# 182.
2. Maria * 19.09.1889 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza KB-# X.96 † 10.02.1894 Offsenitza Qu: Offsenitza KB-# IX.136
Haus-# 152.
3. Sebastian * 08.07.1891 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza KB-# X.121 † 02.11.1891 Offsenitza Qu: Offsenitza KB-# IX.114
Haus-# 152.
4. Elisabeth * 09.09.1892 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza KB-# X.139
*-Haus-# 152.
5. Anna Maria * 25.07.1894 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza KB-# X.161
*-Haus-# 152.
6. Maria * 27.01.1896 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza KB-# X.182
*-Haus-# 152.
7. Martin * 14.06.1902 Offsenitza  Qu: Offsenitza +-KB-# IX.212 † 15.06.1902 Offsenitza Qu: Offsenitza KB-# IX.212
+-Haus-# 152.
Tp 1. Karl Rome,

Best regards from stormy Black Forest


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