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L Erdman

Hi Marilyn,
It is your Lucky Day! I have found your family listed below.  See F 250 and I 055. I have attached scanned all pages for the Franson/Franzon and Ischkum/Isum/iskus surname information from the Familienbuch Kernei in der Batschka. I have also attached the title page, source and abbreviations for reference purposes.
Let me know if you have questions or need anything further.
Warm Regards,
Laurie Hess Erdman
Inver Grove Heights, MN

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For years I have been attempting to locate the father of my maternal grandfather with absolutely no luck.  I thought perhaps since much time has passed and now that I again have time to work on my genealogy, perhaps he can now be determined.
My grandfather, Frank John Frazon (aka Ferencz John Frason) was born in Kernei, Batschka on January 28, 1889 - his mother was Gertrud Frazon and his father was unknown.  Rumor in our family was that his grandfather's family came from Lorrains, France.  His mother's family did include the following surnames dating back to the 1700s in the Kernei-Apatin-Siwatz-Sombor area:  Frazon, Thebes, Tebecz, Noll, Weber, Kranzpiller and Gartner.  
Eventually grandpa Frazon came to the United States on June 5, 1907 and married my grandmother Magdalena Ischkum (aka Iskum) (who was also born in Kernei) on July 16, 1910 - they resided in Chicago, IL until they passed away in 1973.
If anyone can give me a clue and perhaps help me locate his father's name, I would so appreciate it.  Now be safe and be well.
Marilyn Sensendorf
San Jose, CA 

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