Re: Szefalu = Schöndorf???

Dave Dreyer



I think you are likely correct-------it is Schoendorf.

The Schoendorf records are organized in a very awkward (and one might say frustrating) fashion scattered through three volumes by Hans Prohaska so that it takes considerable time to track any given family.  Hans Prohaska lived in Chicago and has been dead for some years now. 

I might note that Peters and Molnar are relatively common Banat surnames.  But having said that I do find the surnames Peters and Molnar in the records.   I gather that these families are not among the original settlers of the locality.


Dave Dreyer




From: Manfred Scherer
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2020 10:15 AM
Subject: [banat] Szefalu = Schöndorf???


Hi all.  I'm trying to get my bearings on two individuals who emigrated from Szefalu, Hungary, to the US in 1907.  Is Szefalu synonymous with Schöndorf?  If so, is there an OFB that goes at least to 1900?  If not what town might be synonymous with Szefalu?  Once I get clarity on Szefalu, I am looking for families with the names Peters and Molnar.  Thank you.


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