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Cathy Reece

I asked someone at the Donauschwaben ,who lived in the Banat, 
what the children died of.  She said they died of common childood
 illnesses such as measles because they had high temps and they
 could not get the high temperatures down.
Also heard that babies born in winter were unlikely to survive because
 of the cold.I suspect they had no heat in the homes.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 1:51 PM Andrew Lengenfelder via <> wrote:
Hi, got my first family book this week, Grosskomlosch,  three things came to mind.
1. What an amazing piece of research, detailed and comprehensive. \
2. I was surprised by the number of added marriages, two sometimes three.
3. And sadly I am appalled by the number of children that failed to each their teens, Seemed to be worse in the winter.
And families using the same name for children that died sometimes 3 or more.
Sad sometimes but I am glad to be doing this research.

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