Look up in Gertainosch/ Pardan/Kavaran for Schneider Family.

Debbie Nelson

Looking for information on Josef Schneider and his wife Margarete Anna's parents and family.  They had four known children Johann born 1872;  Teresia born 1876; Marie born 1886 and  possibly Janos born 1890.  There are probably more children that I have not uncovered yet.  The family lived in Gertianosch, Pardan and Kavaran, from the documents I have found on the children This family lived in the Pardan area at some time as son Johann's naturalization paper's reference this town, as does the ship passenger records of his children Johan, Henry, and Joseph.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated. as it is one of my brick walls. 

Debbie Nelson

Rudolf Huepfl

Hi Debbie, Unfortunately there is no direct answer to your brick wall and Schneider (Taylor) is a frequent name. In case it adds to your knowledge I do have a Ludwig Schneider, *FEB 15 1861 in Bogarosch in my tree. He was married to Magdalena Hupfel, *SEP 22 1865 in Grabatz . There is another one, Viola Schneider, * AUG 18 1887 in Wisconsin. Her parents were Albert and Minnie Schneider. There is also Fred C. Schneider, *MAR 7 1908 in St. Louis, MO, who married with Katherine Noel from Bogarosch in Marshfield. If there is some connection do not hesitate to contact me
Rudolf, Vienna, Austria