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Anna Lorenz

Hello Amy,
I also like to find family this way :-)
My great great grandmother Magdalena Bernauer married Nikolaus Schneider of Großjetscha and they moved to Temeswar, had my grandmother and there my father was born.
I live in Germany
Hello Flo,
there are two different possibilities about the origin of the Bernauer family, either of Luxemburg or of the Black forest.
Why do you think, it could be the Black forest?
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Hi Anni!
So fun to “meet” family this way! Where did your branch end up? Johann Bernauer came with his family to Chicago, and my father-in-law (his grandson) moved his family from there to the Sacramento area in northern California, USA back in the late 1960s.

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Hello Amy,
my great great grandmother Magdalena Bernauer was a first cousin  of Dominik Bernauer !!!
Their parents were  the brothers Nikolaus Bernauer and Martin Bernauer (father of Dominik)
and the parents of these brothers were Josef Bernauer and Margaretha Becker.
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Hello folks--

Hoping someone can help me with a lookup in the Stefansfeld Familienbuch. My husband's great-grandfather Johann Bernauer (1865-1928) was born in Stefansfeld and came to the US with his wife and family in 1911. His death certificate says his parents are Thomas Bernauer and Katherina Stoffel, but I haven't found any information on them. Dave Dreyer's ship database states that his parents are Dominik Bernauer and Katherina Stoffl. I found Dominik Bernauer in the Bogarosch Familienbuch, but I can't connect the two. Could someone possibly look them up for me? I plan to buy the transcription myself once my finances have recovered from COVID shutdown.

Thanks in advance,
Amy Bernauer from California