LOOK UP -Helfrich in the Banat

Dave Dreyer


Your Helfrichs are almost certainly from Gr Jetscha. 

In the passenger ship records one finds

Franz      *1903     to Philadelphia

Josef              *1905    to St Louis

Michael        *1902     to Philadelphia

Your guys may be one or more of the above.  See

Further data on these families can be found in the Gr Jetscha family book by Hans WIkete.


Not to dump on you, but there have been a rash of poorly composed queries on the list lately.  Those looking information should take care to post carefully composed  requests that contain   

details so far as is known in an organized fashion.  Sketchy and incomplete data makes answering such queries a research problem in itself.  Subscribers should keep in mind that poorly drafted inquires many times do not elicit a reply.

Finally, I might note that the given name Angela is not very common in Banat localities except for Gr Jetscha where it gets passed down through generations with the Godmother at the time of baptism.   So your Banat heritage lives in you not only through your DNA but also in your given name.


Sorry to be so preachy.


Dave Dreyer


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where can I find information on  Helfrich?  My Helfrichs are from Itche Mare In the Banat region.  3 Brothers came to US in the 1920s and settled in St Louis and One moved to Philidelphia




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Is there any information in that book for Thiel and Helfrich?