Grenzland publications

Dave Dreyer



This list is the third extensive work we have published in the DDF with Anton Kraemer.  The first was the 1773 Muster lists of the Grenzland villages.

DDF Nr 114 Dec 2004

This was followed by lists of 1057 families and individuals in 1770-1773 Reich’s colonists Muster lists recruited by the regiment.

DDF Nr 118, Dec 2005

After a few false starts we have settled on combining these lists with a number of smaller files which have not been previously published abstracted from the regimental Standestabellen; Frei Korp volunteer lists, revision lists, Normal lists, Assent lists, transfer lists, etc. in one package which have not been previously published.   All these lists require consider context to make them of maximum use for family history work

I viewed this assembled material in a book form similar to the Banat Military file that is accessible through the Banat Books website.   This project was laid aside when Karen and I started work on the Heufeld and St Hubert family books.  After a couple of additional years have passed, even though I had compiled further data, I am  finding it hard to pick the whole matter up again.    

Dave Dreyer 



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