Oppowa/Opova/Opovo/Königsdorf Look Up: Surname- STUMPF #Kathreinfeld

Trish Stumpf Garcia

I'm not sure of the years covered in the Oppowa/Königsburg family book.  I am hoping for some information on this couple:
STUMPF Johann * 5 Jul 1850 Kathreinfeld
oo 13 Feb 1873 Oppowa
DORMUTH Elisabeth * 30 Jun 1854 Sartscha
*I am hoping to find the parents of Johann.*  Hopefully they were recorded in the marriage entry and presented in the book.
Family Search has church records for Oppowa, but the marriage records only go through 1872.  That's how it goes for me. :^/
Thanks in advance for any help.  This is a dna match's ancestor.